Mini-Interview with Modsdive

While there will be many great bands playing at Zandari Festa this year, it was the sight of Modsdive on the third poster announcing the festival’s line-up that excited me the most. Having not used Facebook for nearly a year I had completely missed that the members of one of my favorite bands had gotten back together and played live shows since January. As Zandari Festa is coming closer I decided it was time to catch up with Modsdive guitarist Youn Sung Hoon.

Why did you decide for Modsdive to have a comeback?

When we broke up, we had been struggling with scheduling and couldn’t reach an agreement on many things. Since we had nearly finished our 2nd album, this was really disappointing for us. Fortunately, after some drinks we decided to get back together.

What have been the highs and lows of playing together again?

It’s good to be together again. It feels like we’re family or something. Breaking up and starting again, this time it’s been much easier to communicate with each other about the music we want to play. And I can feel that our songs sound much freer than before.

What are your hopes and expectations for Zandari Festa?

I’m looking forward to this year, so many fantastic musicians from all over the world are playing at this festival.

We’re going to play our new songs this time, and hopefully we can share our band with people from over the world through the festival.

How far along is your next album?

We’re going to record our new album this October. We’ve written all the songs, it’s going to be a full-length album.

We’re planning to release it at the beginning of next year once we finish the art work and everything. I hope you like it.

Personally I’ve loved everything I’ve heard from Modsdive until now, so I have no reason to believe I would not like also the coming album. What little I’ve heard from the band’s new material sounds great and I can barely wait till Saturday next week to hear more at Zandari Festa. Definitely one of the top post-rock bands in Korea right now!

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