Hello Rookies of May 2016

For the 10th consecutive year, rookie band competition Hello Rookie is running.

Online auditions began in March, and a month later the 7 acts to take part of the live auditions for Hello Rookie of May were announced: post-rock aspiring bands with vocalists Ahn Dayoung and Raw By Peppers, rock band Sons of Tiger, alternative rockers IGLoo BaY, shoegazers Silica Gel, Soyoon‘s band 새소년, and indie pop bandLand Of Peace. The winners will appear in the 1229th episode of EBS Space 공감 this Thursday, May 26.

Hello Rookie: Raw By Peppers

Raw By Peppers strives to combine “the philosophy of post-rock” with the ideals of a jam band. On April 1st the three-piece released debut EP Spaceship out of Bones, inspired by Stanley Kubrick‘s classic movie 2001: A Space Odyssey.


Hello Rookie: Silica Gel

The sound of Silica Gel is described as “neo-psychedelic, experimental, progressive, dream and shoegaze”. The band formed in 2013 and currently counts 8 members, three of which have VJing as their main tasks. Silica Gel’s silica gel enclosed debut EP 새삼스레 들이켜본 무중력사슴의 다섯가지 시각 was released in June 2015 and was followed by digital single 두개의 달 (Two Moons) in February this year.


Wild Card: Ahn Dayoung

Ahn Dayoung was one of the contestants in the 23rd edition of the Yoo Jae Ha Music Competition, held in 2012. Debut single Dreamer was released in 2014 with EP Waves,Smoke,River coming out in December the same year. Nowadays the name Ahn Dayoung covers not just Ahn Dayoung herself, but also the members of her band. Ahn Dayoung was named New Discovery in KT&G’s Band Discovery 2015.

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