KMA2016: 13th Korean Music Awards Winners

Today, February 29th, the winners of the 13th Korean Music Awards were announced. EBS Space 공감 had a livestream for the event and a 2h special of the awards ceremony will be broadcast midnight between March 7-8.



Album of the Year: E SENSThe Anectode
Song of the Year: BIGBANG – “Bae Bae
Artist of the Year: Deepflow
Rookie of the Year: Hyukoh

Best Heaviness Album: MethodAbstract

Best Rock Album: The MonotonesInto The Night
Best Rock Song: Lowdown 30 – “Hotter (더뜨겁게)” (feat. Kim Oki)

Best Modern Rock Album: The KOXXThe New Normal
Best Modern Rock Song: Hyukoh – “와리가리 (Comes And Goes)

Best Folk Album: Kim Sawol수잔 (Suzanne)
Best Folk Song: Kwon Tree – “이천십사년사월

Best Pop Album: Ravie Nuage청춘
Best Pop Song: BIGBANG – “Loser

Best Dance & Electronic Album: TrampaulineMarginal
Best Dance & Electronic Song: Flash Flood Darlings – “별 (Byeol)

Best Rap & Hip Hop Album: E SENS – The Anecdote
Best Rap & Hip Hop Song: Deepflow – “작두” (feat. Nucksal, Huckleberry P)

Best R&B & Soul Album: Samuel SeoFrameworks
Best R&B & Soul Song: Dean – “풀어 (Pour Up)” (feat. Zico)

Best Jazz Album: BuYoung LeeLittle Star
Best Crossover Album: The NEQPassing of Illusion
Best Jazz & Crossover Performance: Eungmin ChoOriental Fairy Tale

Committee’s Choice: Park Je Chun
Achievement Award: Kim Hee Gab

The Netizens’ Choice winners were announced a week prior.

Netizens’ Choice, Male Artist: JYP
Netizens’ Choice, Female Artist: IU
Netizens’ Choice, Group: BIGBANG

For some background information on the main category winners, see the KMA2016 nominees introductions posts:

The full list of nominees was announced end of January.

2 Comments KMA2016: 13th Korean Music Awards Winners

  1. hoi

    umm sorry for being salty… i mean, congrats to big bang and i agree “bae bae” is quiet exceptional, but seriously, “loser”? the pop song list is kinda limited, but “spring girls” or “twenty three” should have been the winner imo.

    congrats to all winners anyway!

    1. Anna

      Sunwoo Jung-A was my favorite as well! But I’d say at least it’s better with “Loser” than the JYP’s song, which would’ve been the more likely winner considering it’s Song of the Year nomination.


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