Gaon Charts July 2015

After a 4 month hiatus, summarized in Gaon’s 2015 half-year charts, I figured it was time to start having a look at the various k-indie albums and songs that placed themselves on any of Gaon’s music charts during the month of July. Clearly it was the month for hyukoh following appearances on popular variety show Infinite Challenge (무한도전).


Gaon Korean Album Chart

Out of all of Gaon’s music charts, the album chart is the only chart not to list any hyukoh for the month of July–it appears both hyukoh EPs, 20 and 22, are out of print since June hence neither had much of a chance to rank this time around.

The albums that sold enough to qualify for the July chart were all released during the first half of the month: there was Yi Sung Yol‘s 5th full-length album SYX released on July 9th; Goonam‘s 3rd album Sun Power (썬파워) release July 7th; Taru‘s 4th full-length The Song Of Songs from July 9th; and Parasol‘s 1st album 언젠가 그 날이 오면 released on July 16th.

Monthly RankAlbumMonthly SalesWeekly Ranks
39 [new] Yi Sung Yol - SYX1,141x-14-25-x-x
70 [new] Goonam - Sun Power499x-29-65-x-x
73 [new] Taru - The Song Of Songs496x-24-x-x-x
94 [new] Parasol - 언젠가 그 날이 오면321x-x-48-x-x

The albums that did appear on the album chart during the month, but didn’t sell enough to qualify for the monthly chart of July (i.e. less than 296 copies) were the following:

2788Busker Busker - 버스커 버스커 1집
2858The Groo - Civilization
2885Ruvin - 하늘과 닿은 마을
2966Say Sue Me - Big Summer Night
2979The Groo - Civilization
2984Beach Ball Trio - Beach Ball Trio
2993Busker Busker - 버스커 버스커 1집
3097Busker Busker - 버스커 버스커 1집
3139Ukulele Picnic - 시원 시원 여름비
3161Joa Band - 우리가 계절이라면
3162Joa Band - 내가 첫 번째였음 좋겠어!
3164Wicked Solutions - Immortal Invitation

It appears summer-y EPs are doing relatively well this summer, with Say Sue Me‘s Big Summer Night, Ukulele Picnic‘s, and the 60’s rock’n’roll of Beach Ball Trio all charting the week the respective EPs were released.


Gaon Korean Digital Chart

Gaon’s digital chart combines the results of Gaon’s download, streaming and background music charts. Few indie songs make the joint chart, but all new songs to enter any of the related charts are added to Indieful ROK’s Gaon Digital 2015 YouTube playlist.

It’s all about hyukoh on most of the digital charts, and the same is reflected on the digital chart itself for July.

Monthly RankSongWeekly Ranks
2 [hot]hyukoh - "와리가리"67-3-1-3-4
3 [hot]hyukoh - "위잉위잉"79-8-7-2-1
15 [hot]hyukoh - "Hooka"x-10-13-18-25
35 [new]hyukoh - "Ohio"x-29-34-41-52
51 [new]hyukoh - "공드리"x-40-42-53-69
62 [new]hyukoh - "큰새"x-52-60-61-37

Okdal‘s “내 사랑의 노래” for drama The Time We Were Not In Love (너를 사랑한 시간) Dickpunks‘ new single “한강에서 놀아요” were the only new indie songs to rank on the weekly Korean digital chart during the month of July. Additionally, Acoustic Collabo‘s “너무 보고 싶어” could be found near the very bottom of the digital chart first week of July.

Gaon Korean Download Chart

During the month of July, every single song that hyukoh has released charted on Gaon’s Korean download chart. All tracks except three were downloaded enough to be listed also on the monthly chart.

Monthly RankSongMonthly DownloadsWeekly Ranks
1 [+96] hyukoh - "와리가리"636,04938-3-1-4-4
3 [hot]hyukoh - "위잉위잉"583,76951-5-5-3-2
11 [hot]hyukoh - "Hooka"346,38363-6-9-14-25
26 [new]hyukoh - "Ohio"178,886x-18-27-36-46
31 [new]hyukoh - "공드리"154,313x-22-34-44-61
37 [new]hyukoh - "큰새"144,625x-31-44-48-30
71 [new]hyukoh - "Settled Down"83,579x-40-62-91-x
78 [new]hyukoh - "Lonely"80,019x-48-71-87-99
79 [new]hyukoh - "Mer"80,015x-42-65-96-x
90 [new]hyukoh - "Panda Bear"73,616x-55-75-x-x

Other indie songs spotted on the weekly download chart in July were Okdal’s “내 사랑의 노래” and Dickpunks’ “한강에서 놀아요”.

Gaon Korean Streaming Chart

Much like the download chart Gaon’s Korean streaming chart for July was quite hyukoh oriented, albeit not to the same extent.

Monthly RankSongMonthly StreamsWeekly Ranks
2 [hot]hyukoh - "와리가리"22,313,994x-4-1-1-3
5 [hot]hyukoh - "위잉위잉"19,611,484x-11-7-3-2
18 [new]hyukoh - "Hooka"10,344,649x-13-14-20-24
52 [new]hyukoh - "Ohio"4,827,603x-50-39-43-54
64 [new]hyukoh - "공드리"3,898,934x-59-49-63-72
89 [new]hyukoh - "큰새"3,318,527x-85-74-82-51

Save for Acoustic Collabo’s “너무 보고 싶어” at the bottom of the chart the first two weeks of July, it was really just hyukoh representing the indie side of Korean music on the weekly streaming charts in July.

Gaon BGM Chart

Whereas Gaon’s background music chart used to be a good place to find Korean indie songs, that was not quite the case for the month of July. Unlike the other digital charts, the BGM chart does not separate foreign and Korean entries.

Monthly RankSongWeekly Ranks
9 [new]hyukoh - "위잉위잉"x-22-16-8-7
15 [new]hyukoh - "와리가리"x-18-6-15-20
18 [new]Ukulele Picnic - "사는게 니나노"x-x-x-x-3

In addition to the songs that made the monthly chart, Dear Cloud‘s “Remember” for drama Hello Monster (너를 기억해), Okdal’s “수고했어, 오늘도“, Busker Busker‘s “처음엔 사랑이란게“, Acoustic Collabo’s new song “그러지마요” for drama High Society (재벌의 딸), Dickpunks’ “한강에서 놀아요”, and Ukulele Picnic’s Payco ad song “사는게 니나노 all appeared on the weekly background music chart during the month of July.


Gaon Mobile Chart

For some more variety in the indie area when it comes to song charts, the mobile charts are usually more forthcoming. The monthly chart isn’t quite as dominated by hyukoh as many of the others.

Monthly Ringtone
Monthly Ringback
Tone Rank
2 [+1]1 [+2]hyukoh - "와리가리"
6 [+9]7 [-1]hyukoh - "위잉위잉"
71 [-13]62 [-17]Acoustic Collabo - "그러지마요"
75 [new]61 [+57] J Rabbit - "바람이 불어오는 곳"
-51 [-1]hyukoh - "Ohio"
-65 [-21]One More Chance - "널 생각해"
-72 [new]hyukoh - "큰새"
-76 [-14]Okdal - "수고했어, 오늘도"
-100 [+82]Okdal - "내 사랑의 노래"

Other songs that could be found on Gaon’s mobile charts during July without making the monthly chart are Dear Cloud’s “Remember”; Standing Egg‘s “내게기대”; 406 Project‘s “넌 나 어때“; and Acoustic Collabo’s “또르르“, “묘해, 너와”, “그대와 나 설레임” and “너무 보고 싶어“;


Gaon Korean Noraebang Chart

While indie songs and albums may make the occasional appearance on most of Gaon’s charts, it is much rarer to find a new entry on the monthly noraebang chart. Yet it didn’t prove much of a challenge for hyukoh, with “위잉위잉” even occupying the top spot during the last week of July.

Monthly RankSongWeekly Ranks
19 [new]Hyukoh - "위잉위잉"x-x-76-11-1
64 [+17] Cherry Filter - "낭만 고양이"83-59-59-66-71
92 [-14]Busker Busker - "정류장"88-93-x-95-98

Also hyukoh’s “와리가리” has begun to climb the noraebang chart, but it appears to have been a more recent addition to the noraebang song books–best weekly position so far has been #50.

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