One Question: Say Sue Me vs. Genius

A few weeks ago Busan based band Say Sue Me released the EP Big Summer Night. With its surf rock sound the record is a perfect fit for the season. It’s a great release all the way through, the instrumental opening and closing tracks doing a great job welcoming and eventually sending off the listener. Angle Magazine offered a preview of the entire EP and almost as soon as I heard “Bad Habit” I sent an email to Electric Muse asking to feature it as the Korean Music Alliance Pact song of July.

But the song that really grabbed my attention was “One Question”. How could there be this cheerful tune and those sweet female vocals yet lyrics like “kill kill motherfucker”? Brilliant!

Turns out it’s originally a song from fellow Busan band Genius, which perhaps shouldn’t come as that much of a surprise. Personally I’m one of those that got into Genius only with the release of the outstanding album Beaches and apparently I have yet to listen as closely to Genius’ back catalogue as it deserves. More of a punk performance, the original version of “One Question” was released as part of the band’s first album Mamason Yangatchi in 2009.

As it happens, the June edition of the Music Alliance Pact featured Genius as the Korean artist of the month. So just to balance it out, here’s the slow version of “88 Years Old”. And in case you’re curious as to what the members of Genius think they’ll be up to at age 88, check out Lowdown 30‘s Genius interview for DoIndie.

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