Hello Rookies of September 2014

With the first monday this August happening in the middle of Korea’s vacation season, the live audition for the September edition of Hello Rookie instead took place on August 11th. The two winners can be seen on the monthly Hello Rookie special on EBS Space 공감 to be broadcast on September 1st.


Hello Rookie Candidates, September 2014

For September the 7 acts selected to take part in the live audition were the following: electronic rock band Goldmund, female fronted rock band Black’S Hot, poetic rock band Wings of the ISANG, singer-songwriter Summer Lee, noisy indie pop band London Fuzz, indie rock band MAN and American folk singer Yes Yes. MAN and Wings of the ISANG both came out of the event as winners and 1 million won richer.



MAN got picked as a wildcard during the August live auditions. The band formed in November 2013 and has been actively playing since January this year. MAN’s demo was produced by Rock’n’Roll Radio‘s RockQoo.


Wings of the ISANG

Wings of the ISANG took part in the live auditions also for the June edition of Hello Rookie. The band is named after a short story written by poet Yi Sang and have used other titles from the poet as inspiration for their own song titles. In 2010 Wings of the ISANG tried out for Top Band 2 but got eliminated during the initial triple tournaments. The band released its first EP, 상실의시대, in 2011 and have since put out 2 digital singles and one full-length album, 너와 나의 이야기 (2013). Wings of the ISANG was the featured band for the 195th Naver Onstage.

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