Support Your Music 2013 : Second Circuit Finalists

Mint Paper and Daum Music continues their Support Your Music 2013 initiative. Manggakhwa came out the winner among the first circuit finalists and ended up with 187.4% of the funds he needed to record his second full-length album.

Auditions to become the second artist of the year started in April with online voting for the three finalists opening on May 7th. This time Black Russian, Heunjuck and we hate jh compete for the opportunity to have a crowdfunding project promoted through Mint Paper and Daum Music. Voting closes on May 13th, when an offline audition open to the public will be held at Hongdae’s Club Auteur.



Black Russian

Modern rock band Black Russian formed in 2011 with three friends of the same age. In 2012 vocalist Kim Yena became the runner-up in the 23rd Yoo Jae Ha Music Contest, giving the band motivation to try harder. Just like the drink they’re named after, through SYM2013 Black Russian want a chance to make their music something to turn to when people are feeling down or sad.



The two members of singer-songwriter unit Heunjuck competed together in the 22nd Yoo Jae Ha Music Contest, held in 2011. First EP 달려간다 was released in January this year, with everything from recording to design being handled by themselves. Now they want to take the help of experts to make their sound come alive and show their true colors through SYM2013.


we hate jh

we hate jh started as an acoustic solo project in 2012 before turning into the emo power-pop duo it is today. One official demo and vinyl EP Demotivation have been released so far. Now the band is preparing to do something outstanding through SYM2013, making listeners bounce to emotional music.

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