10cm Release Single with Orange Caramel

On May 10th 10cm released a digital single in collaboration with k-pop idol group Orange Caramel. The two groups have recorded a joint version of 10cm’s “안아줘요”, now also under the international title “Hug Song”. 10cm first recorded the song for Mint Paper’s café night & day compilation in 2011 whereas this new version has been made for LOEN Entertainment’s re;code project.

The new single is called re;code Episode IV. Previous episodes include Daybreak doing their “들었다 놨다 (Love Actually)” together with Sunny Hill and Lucia singing Epitone Project‘s “선인장” together with Infinite‘s Woohyun.

A music video has yet to show up for the new version, but a day before the single release LOEN published a special ‘Coming Soon Interview’ video with English subtitles on YouTube. Showing the two groups interviewing each other, among many other things viewers learn that it was 10cm that had asked to work together with the girls in Orange Caramel.


For reference, here is the original music video:


While on the subject of 10cm, the song “아마도” which they recorded for MBC drama The Queen of Office (직장의 신) will soon be available on CD. The full The Queen of Office soundtrack will be released on May 16th and opens with “아마도”.

Via: Bugs Music; Hyang Music

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