Support Your Music 2013: First Circuit Finalists

It’s a new year and Mint Paper and Daum Music have launched another round of Support Your Music – an initiative where artists audition for a chance at some special promotion through the two project owners with a crowd funded release coming out at the end of it. Auditions to become the first artist of the year start last month and on February 13th online voting for the three finalists opened.

Competing to become the artist this circuit are Manggakhwa, Bimilie and Fine. The online vote will continue until February 19th which is also the date when the offline audition will take place at Club Auteur in Hongdae.




Moody modern rock band Manggakhwa started out already in 2003 with the first single, 고래, released in 2007. The first full-length album came out in 2011 and since then Yang Ju Young and his project band have proceeded to release two EPs more, the latest 차가운 노래 in November 2012. Manggakhwa signed up for SYM2013 in the hopes of gaining funds for a second full-length album during 2013.



After playing around Hongdae for a while, feminine indie rock band Bimilie album debuted in early 2012. On February 4th this year followed digital single Bye Bye. Expressing a desire to create and share more good, relatable music, the band members unfortunately have not been able to finance more production and are now asking for some help on the way.



Experimental pop band Fine (pronounced 피네 [pi-neh]) is what remains of Unside, that made the Top Band 2 Top 49 last summer. Debut single Home was released in November 2012 with support from The Voice of Korea contestant Woo Hyemi as well as Vidulgi OoyoO drummer Lee Yong Jun. Now the trio is looking for support to produce and promote more good quality music.



The Support Your Music projected started in 2011 and the alumni so far are Have A Tea, Park Sol, Cold Cherry, Hologram Film, Pop Record House and Polaroid Piano.

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