Julia Hart Reboots Second Album


Veteran indie pop band Julia Hart have gone back into the past, re-recording the since long sold-out second album 영원의 단면 after a successful crowdsourcing effort. First released in 2005 the album came with hidden track “Young & Stupid”, but for the ‘rebooted’ version the song “체리 블라썸” serves as bonus track. “체리 블라썸”, or “Cherry Blossom”, is a new version of “활짝 핀 벚꽃나무 아래서” from the 2004 single Miss Chocolate first released as a digital single in April.

Limited to 500 physical copies the album will be released May 14th. A music video for the new version of “가장 최근의 꿈” was revealed a day early:


Via: Hyang Music

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