Julia Hart Release Reboot Digital Single for Spring

Julia Hart - Cherry Blossom

In January this year indie pop band Julia Hart launched a crowdsourcing project to help finance the ‘영원P의 단면 Reboot Project’, so that the band’s long since out-of-print second full-length album could see new light. Originally released in 2005, the rebooted version of 영원의 단면 is scheduled for release on May 7th.

Prior to the album release, Julia Hart offered a bonus track on digital single as a spring gift on April 4th. The single is called Cherry Blossom and the song is a reworked version of the Miss Chocolate 2004 single track “활짝 핀 벚꽃나무 아래서”.

No recent performance of “Cherry Blossom” has made its way to YouTube just yet, but here’s a performance from 2009:

Via: Bugs Music

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