Oh Ji Eun Releases 3rd Album

Stunning singer-songwriter Oh Ji Eun will be releasing a new album on May 14th. Coming four years after her second album, compared to the previous albums her third full-length is said to be more pessimistic while still on the theme of love. It includes “누가 너를 저 높은 곳에 올라가도록 만들었을까” from last year’s 이야기해주세요 compilation in support for Korea’s comfort women as well as “겨울아침” from the 3rd Mint Paper compilation Life, released in 2010.

The music video for album lead track “고작” was released on the 13th, showcasing a sound where Oh Ji Eun’s strong vocals remain in the center:


As it’s been a while between the albums, it’s not all that surprising to find that Oh Ji Eun has been performing some of the songs live already. Here’s a year-old performance of album opening track “네가 없었다면”:


Signed to Happy Robot Records, Oh Ji Eun shared the stage with Daybreak during the label’s live THEY concert 2012. Here is “테이블보만 바라봐” performed together with Daybreak’s Lee Won Suk and Woney Kim:

Via: Hyang Music

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