Jambinai to Perform at Finland’s World Village Festival

While the UK has the Korea Rocks tour coming up in a couple of weeks, Northern Europe too–Helsinki, Finland in particular–has something to look forward to before the summer: Today it was announced that Jambinai will be playing this year’s World Village Festival, performing a 1 hour set from the festival’s second biggest stage on May 25th.


As Jambinai introduces their unique use of traditional Korean instruments for a post-rock/post-hardcore sound to a Finnish audience, they will get some extra support to make their sound even heavier. 13Steps vocalist Dokyo13 will be travelling with the band offering his bass playing skills, where as Ryu Myoung Hoon–drummer of 13Steps, Hollow Jan, Rux and several bands more–will provide some extra percussion.

Rumors have it Jambinai will return to Europe and also visit another continent before the end of the year, but any official announcements have yet to be made.

During the Hello Rookie finals in 2011 Jambinai performed with similar backing, here with Ryu Myoung Hoon behind the drums and Ian Gallagher on the bass while performing “Grace Kelly”


Via: World Village Festival; GMC Records

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