Amado Leejaram Band Return with Debut

It’s been four years since Amado Leejaram Band released debut EP 슬픈 노래 and activities since have been sparse. However that is about to change, as digital single 우아하게 a week and a half ago and first full-length album 데뷰 (Debut) set to come out on April 9th.

With songs written by Lee Jaram, the band is responsible for the arrangements. All has been mixed by Sultan of the Disco‘s Nazam Sue whereas UhUhBoo Project‘s Jang Young Gyu has produced the album. Crying Nut‘s Park Yoon Sik is featured on new song “괜찮을까”.

A music video of sorts for “우아하게 (Gracefully)”–depicting how to cook Lee Jaram’s chicken stew–was released alongside the single:


While the album is new, many of the songs on it have had some time to mature. This playlist gathers performances from 2009 and 2011:


If you’re in Seoul and wish to find out what Amado Leejaram Band performances are like now, the album release showcases will take place at Veloso on April 13th and 14th.

The album info tells the anecdote of how the band’s name–literally meaning ‘maybe Leejaram band’–came to be: when the band was set to have their first gig back in 2005, they did not yet have a strong idea for their own name and had answered ‘maybe Leejaram Band’ when asked what to put on the poster. This was misunderstood to be the band’s actual name and they’ve been sticking to it since.

Via: boonga Boonga Records; Hyang Music

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