Two New Singles from Galaxy Express

Leading up to an album release in November, from August through October Galaxy Express are releasing one single per month. The September single came out on September 27th, introducing new Galaxy Express song “호롱불”. Also on the single is a live track combining Wild Days song “Love is” with To The Galaxy track “여명의 설원” as well as a recording of a song called “원숭이 새끼”. “원숭이 새끼” was originally recorded by Galaxy Express guitarist Park Jong Hyun‘s old band Schoolgirl Liberation Front and has now been revived, with less profanity, for director Jeong Byeong Gil‘s coming 2013 movie Monkeys (몽키즈).

A day later, on September 28th, Galaxy Express released a digital single as part 3 in the 노무현을 노래하다 series, where artists sing songs in honor of departed previous Korean president Roh Moo Hyun. Following Jang Phil Soon and Jung In, Galaxy Express recorded a version of Moon Sung Jae classic “부산 갈매기” .

Galaxy Express’ August single came out on August 31st In addition to new song “너와 나”, for which a music video has been recorded in collaboration with HyundaiCard Music, the single comes with a live version of Noise on Fire track “새벽” and a remastered version of “Wild Horses”. Released as part of the Stop Dumping Music campaign, these monthly singles are only available offline.

Here’s the HyundaiCard Music video for “너와 나”:


Here’s a performance of “호롱불” recorded during the Gwangju Indie Music Festival on September 15th:


Playing “여명의 설원” after “Love is” is something Galaxy Express have been doing during shows for a couple of years already as seen in this video:

Via: LoveRock Company; Hyang Music; Bugs Music

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