SmackSoft to Tour USA with Show in Mexico

A couple of weeks ago SmackSoft, headed by Whang Bo Ryung, announced the Infinite Extent of Sound 2012 SMACKSOFT U.S.A. Tour starting on October 8th and closing a month later, on November 7th. Dates and venues in Los Angeles, San Diego, Chicago and New York, as well as a quick stop in Tijuana, Mexico, were announced at the time. Today came the tour poster, assuring that Boston, Atlanta and Austin are still on the list. Details have yet to be revealed, but anyone in the areas are well advised to keep an eye both on SmackSoft’s Facebook and official site.

Once November comes, SmackSoft will release fifth full-length album Follow Your Heart. The album will include the song “비단 (Marching through War)”, released in August as part of the 이야기해주세요 in support of Korean comfort women. A music video for the song followed in September:

Via: @SmackSoft;; Korean rock is real

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