10cm’s 2.0 Teaser and Album Info Revealed

Following the Korea only teaser for “Fine Thank You and You?” off 10cm‘s coming album with the announcement a couple of weeks ago, the teaser for the full album was revealed today through Mint Paper TV. (see below)

As expected the full tracklist for the album, titled 2.0, was revealed on September 27th encouraging fans to “take off all your cover and be naked with sound”. Although the acoustic duo has released numerous digital singles since first full-length 1.0 came out last year all titles on the album are previously unreleased, although fans familiar with their set lists may already recognize a song or two.

According to Kstar10 10cm have kept “their original concept of straightforward lyrics and acoustic melody” while other instruments have been introduced “to deepen the sounds.” Yet it seems like 10cm will be trying a few new things. The album info states that with “그대와 나” the duo has replaced their “trendy indie folk” sound with something that has more of an 80’s K-pop style; “Fine Thank You And You” should evoke a sense of The Beatles in the 60’s; and for “한강의 작별” they’ve collaborated with La Ventana to get a tango feeling.

CJ E&M enewsWorld reported last week that in addition to “Fine Thank You And You”, 10cm will also be promoting “한강의 작별” and “오늘밤에”. The latter is already expected to be R-rated as the lyrics contains 10cm’s “risque side”, with a special “clean version” of the same also included on the album.

Here is the 2.0 teaser:


Album opening track “그대와 나” is one 10cm as well as Kwon Jeong Yeol on his own have been found performing over the last year. Here is Kwon Jong Yeol singing the song while playing the guitar at Yogiga Gallery last November:


The album closes with a “clean version” of “오늘밤에”, but sitting just before it on the tracklist is fan favorite “Corona”, which the duo has already been playing live for more than a year:

Via: Hyang Music; Kstar10; CJ E&M enewsWorld

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