Galaxy Express To Release Third Offline Single

Galaxy Express will return with a new album in November. Building up anticipation for the release, the band set out to release three singles with the third and final coming out on October 29th. The title is 언제까지나 and like the previous two it’s an offline only release–a statement for the Stop Dumping Music campaign in which Korean musicians and labels protest the low prices of online music.

Included on the single is new song “언제까지나” and an acoustic version of the same, as well as a live recording of Wild Days song “진짜 너를 원해”.

The members of Galaxy Express have already been heard performing “언제까지나” live. Here’s a video from last weekend’s show at V-Hall:


The acoustic version of “언제까지나” too has been offered to a live audience on previous occasions. Here’s a video recorded at Abbey Road from two weeks ago:


For a reminder of what “진짜 너를 원해” sounds like, here’s the version recorded for Live Planet:

Via: Hyang Music

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