Au Revoir Michelle Release Les Cris De La Nuit

Avant-garde heavy metal band Au Revoir Michelle will release Les Cris De La Nuit on October 30th. Lead by 21st  Yoo Jae Ha Music Contest participant Kim Sun Wook and fronted by Downhell vocalist Mark Choi, Au Revoir Michelle made the Top 30 of KBS band survivial show Top Band 2 boasting their own brand of trot rock fusion. The seven-track release includes a cover of Kim Choo Ja’s “님은 먼곳에” as well as a cover of Yukgaksoo‘s “흥보가 기가막혀“–both songs performed by Au Revoir Michelle on Top Band 2, just like the band’s own “님의 讚美”.

The album art has been made by Dark Tranquility guitarist Niklas Sundin.

Au Revoir Michelle held their first solo concert at Sangsang Madang on October 26th. Here they are performing album opening track “낙화(落花)”:


Dope Entertainment has uploaded full samples of “님의 讚美” and new song “De Memoire” to SoundCloud:



Here are clips from Top Band 2, showing Au Revoir Michelle performing Kim Choo Ja’s “님은 먼곳에” and Yukgaksoo’s “흥보가 기가막혀” respectively:

Via: Hyang Music

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