Lucia and Jaejoo Boys’ Sabo Cover Jaejoo Boys and Afternoon

Pastel Music continues to celebrate its 10th Anniversary with digital singles where Pastel artists cover other Pastel artists. Volume 5 in this series will be released on September 24th and it has something of a Jaejoo Boys theme. The first track has former Jaejoo Boys’ member Sabo covering “선택”, from  Afternoon–once the other half of Jaejoo Boys. The other song is a cover of Jaejoo Boys’ “마지막 춤은 나와 함께” made by Lucia.

Volume 4 was released in August. It had Sentimental Scenery covering Epitone Project‘s “눈을 뜨면” and Taru covering Allegrow‘s “Love Today” (not to be confused with the song with the same title she recorded for her own Sentimental Scenery produced EP Rainbow).

Here’s Jaejoo Boys performing “마지막 춤은 나와 함께” on MBC’s Lalala in 2010:


Here’s Epitone Project performing “눈을 뜨면” during a concert in April this year:

Via: Bugs Music 1, 2

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