Mini-Interview with Riot Kidz

I’d checked out the Top 6 Band Incubating finalists when they were announced and found a new name in Riot Kidz. They came off as a fun and energetic new pop punk band, and as I was lucky enough to attend the actual Sangsang Madang 5th Band Incubating final earlier this week and a bit of Twitter communication I’ve been able to verify in person that so is the case. Their coveralls became an instant hit with me, and I learned that my initial assumption of the band once being based in London was nothing more than a dream from their side. Curious to get to know them better, I sent over a few questions which the band answered eagerly:

Who are the Riot Kidz?

Vocal: S.I.D
Bass: Chanya
Guitar: G
Drums: BB

We are doing punk rock, started about a year ago. Through our music, we want to talk about and share the things we are missing from yesteryears.

What is the story behind the coveralls?

While we were discussing having band uniforms, SID was wearing a coverall and we decided that the coveralls match very well with our concept. Our concept was mischievous kids since the name of the band is RIOT KIDZ.

When we formed the team we had a meeting about everything we need for making a team, and the most important issue besides music itself was “outfit must match with our music” and that is going to build visual definition of RIOT KIDZ. So we decided to make our logo first, and clothing next. When we made our logo we wanted to put it on our uniforms and it was a little bit hard to choose the right one. And one day when we had a meeting, SID was wearing coveralls and it just matched with our logo and concept. So we decided to have coveralls for our uniforms.

What would you be doing if you were in London?

Actually we don’t know because we’ve never been to London, but we only wish that we will be able to have a show someday not only in London but in every part of this world. Hopefully we can have a gig on the rooftop like The Beatles did. Also we want to see the palaces.

What do you have lined up next?
We’ve participated into two competitions which are Ssamzie Sound Fest, and Hello Rookie. Also we are planning to have a gig in the Hongdae area pretty soon! And finally, making new songs, which is the most important thing.


For more on Riot Kidz check out their blog (it’s all in English!) and make sure to check them out on Bandcamp, where they have two demos available for free download. They’ve also got a YouTube channel where you can see them in action. Here are Riot Kidz performing “Jamie” at the Band Incubating semi-finals last month:

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