Sangsang Madang’s 5th Band Incubating Bands Announced

The finals for Sangsang Madang’s 5th Band Incubating was held today, July 16th. The Top 6 were announced last month and during the finals Nukie, Modsive, Hologram Film, Riot Kidz, The Electric Eels and Remnants of the Fallen all performed three songs each for the judges in hopes of becoming one of the three bands accepted into the band incubator.

The three winning bands were Remnants of the Fallen, Nukie and The Electric Eels. They all got a trophy and 3,000,000 won each and will be supported by KT&G Sangsang Madang as they continue to develop their talent.

Look forward to a live report from the event on the main site once the official videos have been published.

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