Vote for Indie Bands in Mnet 20’s Band Choice

Though awards are usually something of an end-of-the-year affair, Mnet has a summer award called 20’s Choice  coming up, premiering actors, musicians and other people often seen in media that appeal to people in their 20s. Among the seventeen categories there is the 20’s Band Music choice pitching Guckkasten, Glen Check, Daybreak, Monni and The Koxx against each other. Candidates for the 20’s Online Music choice includes Busker Busker, competing for the title against LeeSsang, Se7en, IU and T-ara.

Online votes, ’20’s research result’ and judges together determine the winners that’ll be announced during an event held on June 28th. In addition to being shown on TV the event will be streaming on YouTube and a few other sites. 18 days remain and you can vote daily on your favorite picks.

Via: 12:00; Korean Updates

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