Lee Neung Ryong Stars and Plays in The Heaven is Only Open to the Single

Indie movie The Heaven is Only Open to the Single ! (설마 그럴리가 없어) opens on June 21st, but the soundtrack was released already on June 12th. The soundtrack was made be Sister’s Barbershop guitarist Lee Neung Ryong who is also playing the male lead against actress Choi Yoon So.

Directed by David Cho the romantic film starts a total of thirty five musicians, there among Roller Coaster‘s Lee Sang Soon and Lim Ju Yeon that also can be heard on the soundtrack. Other musicians that can be seen in the movie include Baik Hyunjihn, Mongoose‘s Mongu and Chang Kiha & The Faces bassist Jeong Jung Yeop.

The lead track of the movie, sharing the name “설마 그럴 리가 없어”, features both Lee Sang Soon and Lim Ju Yeon. A music video for the song was released last week:

Via: Hyang Music; Luova Factory; Daum Movie

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