Full The Taste of Money Soundtrack Including Baik Hyunjhin’s Ending Track

Im Sang Soo‘s The Taste of Money (돈의 맛) did not become the success at Cannes that was expected, but it has been doing well in Korea since it opened on theaters mid-May. The score was composed by Kim Hong Jip and on June 12th the full soundtrack for the movie was released, including ending song “그 맛” released as a digital single a month earlier.

The song was composed and performed by Baik Hyunjhin and he was supported by a number of other talented musicians. Leo Bang arranged the song together with Baik Hyunjhin, also playing the guitar, adding a bit of chorus and providing the final mixing of the song. Then there were pianist Kae Soo-Jung, Seoul Electric Band bassist Kim Jeong Woo and The Moonshiners drummer Sohn Kyung Ho. Providing additional voices for the number were MukimukiManmansu and Goonamguayeoridingstella‘s Cho Woong.

A music video for “그 맛”, set to scenes from the movie, was also released last month:

Via: Hyang Music: Luova Factory

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