K-Indie on Gaon’s Digital Chart, 2012.06.03~2012.06.09

Last Thursday came the Gaon charts for the week prior and after seeing the number of indie related titles on the chart decreasing over the last few weeks it has once again been filled by all the titles from a new album — this time Epitone Project‘s second full-length album which also debuted on the album chart at position five.

Busker Busker’s first album stayed put on position 9 on the album chart, but the songs from it have been falling. “골목길” even left the top 200.

The first full-length album from Gate Flowers lost fifteen spots and is now number 41 on the album chart. Nell‘s Slip Away lost three spots, now at position 84, whereas the soundtrack of Shut Up! Flower Boy Band currently holds position 94 on the album chart, loosing twenty seven spots since last week. After six weeks total PeppertonesBeginners Luck has now left the album chart top 100.

On the total digital track chart we find Verbal Jint‘s collaboration with 10cm‘s Kwon Jung Yeol. The position is lower than what we saw from his collaboration with The Black Skirts last year, but it does make its debut higher.

Guckkasten did remarkably well when making their first appearance on I Am A Singer 2. Even so the song doesn’t place as high as the songs from I Am A Singer used to, but that is likely from a combination of I Am A Singer 2 having yet to regain the popularity of the original series while Big Bang and Wonder Girls both released new material the same week. As can be seen from the chart, Guckkasten’s appearance on I Am A Singer 2 has already served to increase interest in their older songs.

Among the singles entering the chart there are the latest offerings from Broccoli, you too? and Yozoh. There is also the song recorded by Park Jiyoon for MBC drama I Do I Do (아이두 아이두), released on June 4th.

28. Verbal Jint – “굿모닝” (feat. Kwon Jung Yeol) (new)
36. Guckkasten – “한잔의 추억” (new)
38. Busker Busker – “벚꽃 엔딩” (-15)
40. Epitone Project – “새벽녘” (new)
47. Busker Busker – “여수 밤바다” (-13)
53. Busker Busker – “첫사랑” (-18)
63. Park Jiyoon – “I Do” (new)
65. Busker Busker – “꽃송이가” (-21)
88. Busker Busker – “외로움 증폭장치 (브래드 드럼 한판 쉬기)” (-23)
90. Busker Busker – “이상형” (-22)
93. Epitone Project – “다음날 아침” (with Han Hee Jung) (new)
95. Epitone Project – “이제, 여기에서” (new)
99. Busker Busker – “전활 거네” (-24)
103. Epitone Project – “믿을게” (new)
104. Epitone Project – “시차” (new)
107. Epitone Project – “5122” (new)
108. Busker Busker – “골목길 어귀에서” (-27)
110. Broccoli, you too? – “잔인한 사월” (new)
112. Epitone Project – “우리의 음악” (new)
114. Epitone Project – “떠나자” (new)
115. Busker Busker – “향수” (-35)
117. Epitone Project – “초보비행” (new)
118. Yozoh – “빈 하늘 바라보며” (new)
120. Guckkasten – “거울” (new)
123. Epitone Project – “터미널” (new)
126. Epitone Project – “미뉴에트” (new)
131. Kim Ji Soo – “Vintage Man” (-30)
133. Epitone Project – “국경을 넘는 기차” (new)
162. Nell – “그리고, 남겨진 것들” (-51)
168. Busker Busker – “봄바람” (-28)
173. Guckkasten – “붉은 밭” (new)
187. 10cm – “애상” (-31)

Via: Gaon

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