Fantastic Drugstore to Release First EP

Alternative rock band Fantastic Drugstore will be releasing their first EP This Is Nothing on June 12th. It includes “Bad Girl” with which the band auditioned for Top Band 2 as well as “아저씨” that they played for the second stage of Top Band 2 auditions. Unfortunately Fantastic Drugstore found themselves in a triple tournament with two of the giants this season and with that didn’t make it further in the competition.

With a total of five tracks “This Is Nothing” serves as an intro to the EP while the rest are songs Fantastic Drugstore have already been performing around Hongdae some time. Here’s a recent performance of “만나줄래”:


While auditioning for last year’s Ssamzie Sound Festival they played EP track “똥개”:


If you understand Korean, here’s a week-old ‘guerilla interview’ with Fantastic Drugstore from Musicinfo:

Via: Hyang Music

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