No Brain Cover Wonder Girls on Immortal Song 2

The latest ‘legend’ to get a special on Immortal Song 2 was JYP and with near 20 years worth of hits behind him it played out over two parts. The first part aired on May 12th and had Teen Topcover JYP’s “Honey” in an arrangement made by electronica producer Postino. No Brain made their appearance in part two the following Saturday.

Just like in the campus band special, No Brain had invited Kingston Rudieska on stage, this time for a reggae cover of Wonder Girls‘ “Nobody“. Though the song made the audience and JYP dance, when it came down to the duel No Brain lost against Ulala Session‘s and their take on Park Jiyoon‘s “성인식“. Overall winner of the JYP special became Ailee with her version of JYP classic “날 떠나지마“.

Here is No Brain’s performance from the show:


And for some Teen Top, here’s their Postino arranged song:

Sources: Immortal Song 2 E50-51; Bugs Music

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