Hee Young’s First Full-Length Album Released

Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Hee Young self-released her first EP So Sudden in 2009. Two years later a new version of the EP was released on Pastel Music and on May 3rd came Hee Young’s first full-length album, 4 Luv. The album includes songs in both English and Korean, all previously unreleased.

As the album was released a short music video for “Winter Road” came out set to scenes from 2009 movie Like Dandelion Dust. Already a week earlier came a music video for the English version of the album title track. All songs on the album can be streamed in full from Hee Young’s Bandcamp:


Here is the music video for “4 Luv”:



Here is the music video for “Winter Road”:

Via: Hyang Music

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