No Brain Cover Yoon Bok Hee on Immortal Song 2

The May 26th episode of Immortal Song 2 was a Hang Ki Bok Hee special. Earlier this month No Brain announced that they would step out of Immortal Song 2 after this episode and so their performance of Yoon Book Hee‘s “친구야 친구” was preceded by clips of all of their previous performances on the show.

No Brain had to face Im Tae Kyung and his choir version of Yoon Hang Ki‘s “나그네” and came out as winners. In their next duel they were up against Brown Eyed Soul‘s Sung Hoon and his version of Yoon Hang Ki’s “그런거지 뭐” but lost in spite of the members offering a dance ahead of the audience vote. In the end Ali, who is also stepping down from Immortal Song 2 after this episode, won the Hang Ki Bok Hee special with her version of Yoon Bok Hee’s “여러분“.

Here is “친구야” performed by No Brain on the show:

Sources: Immortal Song 2 E52; Bugs Music

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