No Brain Cover Linus with Kingston Rudieska on Immortal Song 2

The episode of Immortal Song 2 that aired on May 5th was an ‘immortal campus band’ special with the participants covering bands such as Sharp and Sand Pebbles. As has been the case for most of the show’s episode over the last couple of months No Brain could be found competing, and today they did so with an updated version of Linus‘ “연” for which they’d brought members of Kingston Rudieska on stage.

No Brain had to face Im Tae Kyung and his version of Fevers song “그대로 그렇게“, but ended up losing the duel. In the end Lyn stood as winner this episode with her version of Run Way‘s “탈춤“. As usual all covers from the episode were released on a digital compilation as soon as the show stopped airing. The title of this week’s compilation is <불후의 명곡 – 전설을 노래하다> – 전설의 캠퍼스밴드편.

No Brain have announced that they will step out of Immortal Song 2 after recording the coming Hang Ki Bok Hee special on Monday, May 7th.

Here is what No Brain looked like on the show tonight:


And for reference, here is the original:

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