Mini-Interview with E9

About a year ago I became acquainted with E9 through Facebook and Twitter. Not only a very amiable band, they’re also a band of high ambitions with a sound that was an instant hit with me. Fairly late I realized that I had listened to and liked E9 already several years ago as I again was enjoying one of the most interesting compilations of all time in Korea: the Star Wars Project Compilation 2008. E9 are currently working on putting out an EP and I decided to find out more through a small interview:



Who are E9?

Band E9 is an Alternative Rock Band from the Republic of Korea. E9 was influenced by grunge, punk, britpop and electronic sound. We are pursuing a unique melody with fairy-tale lyrics and a strait & fickle sound.

We organized our band E9 in April last year. At first we were a rock trio — Guitar/Vocal : Edward Nine (이나인); Bass : Yun-Jae Lee (이윤재); Drum : Yoon-Woo Chang (창윤우). But a new member joined us last month — Synth & Piano : Seong-Hye Kim (김성혜).  Now we are a mixed band of four.

And now, we wish to make many people of the world to listen to our music.


What does Edward Scissorhands and Nine Inch Nails mean to you?

When I was young, I saw the movie Edward Scissorhands and I heard the music of Nine Inch Nails.

I was impressed with them. I like the character of Edward (Johnny Depp). He showed the pureness. And he looks like a man who was disconnected from the world of men.

And Nine Inch Nails showed an obsession and a madness of music. I thought about the music of them, a pureness, a madness and an obsession.

Edward Nine is the full name of E9. This means an emotion of a pureness and a madness and an obsession, etc.


You took part in the Star Wars compilation some years ago. If you were to make music on the theme of any other movie (or TV series or other kinds of media), which would you pick and what would you do?

The song “Starship 4 Naboo” about the movie Star Wars is my solo project (leader and singer songwriter of band E9). It is not a band project. The song is about the love of Queen Amidala and Jedi Anakin.

I wrote the song that was influenced by the theme of other movie, already. But the lyrics of this song was written in only Korean. When our new EP releases, maybe you will know that.

And I’m interested in songs about other movies or some novels. For example, a movie like The Crow (1994), or the novels written by Japanese novelist Murakami Haruki.

I want to write my lyrics about the main character of the movie or the novel. And I want to show new sound well-matched with the movie or the novel.


What can we expect from your coming EP?

The new EP sound will show popular appeal and our musicality. Some tracks have a popular appeal, so we expect that many people hear the songs. And some tracks have the deep musicality of our music. And we have a track written in English, also. I want many people to hear our new EP, and if many people of the world hear our music, then it will be an opportunity of us to be known to the world. And then we will show our emotion & our true sound, with more of our songs, constantly.

The new EP will be released to the world (not only just Korea) in May or June. Coming Soon.



I’m looking forward to the EP and am now also hoping for a The Crow inspired compilation.

E9 released digital single Nabi in February and a month ago came the music video for the second track, “My Little Flutter”.


Come back tomorrow for more E9, including a free download of the song from the video!

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