E9 Release Digital Single and Music Videos

Rock trio E9, short for Edward Nine taken from Edward Scissorhands and Nine Inch Nails, claim influences from both grunge an britpop, “pursuing unique melody, fairy-tale lyrics and strait & fickle Sound.” After years of demos the band released digital single 나비 (Butterfly) on February 14th. A music video for the song “Butterfly” came a couple of days ago and a music video for second single track, “내 마음 속의 작은 새” or “My Little Flutter”, is on the way.

Here’s the first music video:


Until the next music video is out, have a listen to “My Little Flutter” on ReverbNation.

Read The Soundbook’s interview with E9 to learn more about the band.

Sources: maniadb; E9 official Facebook page

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