Yozoh Reveals First Song from Duet Soundtrack

Movie Duet (듀엣) is the first full-length movie directed by Lee Sang Bin. The female lead is played by Go Ah Sung, who portrays a young woman escaping to Great Britain to find inspiration for her music. With a movie about a musician of course special consideration has been put into the soundtrack. Before the movie opens on April 19th four singles and corresponding ‘music films’ with scenes from the movie will be released.

First out was Yozoh with “Sitting In My Room Alone” released on March 28th. Ruvin is set to follow on April 4th with “He Doesn’t See”. Tehiun will go next with “On A Desert” on April 11th. Finally, Lim Ju Yeon will release “For The Last Time” on April 18th.

Once the full soundtrack is out two more songs from Yozoh and Tehiun can be heard. Also contributing with two songs to the soundtrack are Zero Gravity Boys. It seems as though we’ll be able to hear Go Ah Sung sing in the movie as she too is credited for a number of songs on the tracklist.

Here is the first of the four ‘music films’ preceding the movie, doubling as the music video for Yozoh’s “Sitting In My Room Alone”:

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