March Performances from Naver’s On Stage


March has come to an end. Having brought no less than five Thursdays that means five of Naver’s On Stage sessions were published, complete with high quality studio live videos and band photos. The month started with hardcore band Ninesin and followed up with a number of solo artists. There was former Wonder Bird member Jo Dong Hee, acoustic blues musician Ha Heon Jin, R&B and soul guy Junggigo and organ lover Lim Ji Hoon.

Ninesin performed “Arena” and “Frozen Heart” from last year’s self-titled second full-length album: Music for your damaged heart.



Jo Dong Hee performed “어린 물고기”, “행복한 여행자” and “너” from last year’s solo debut: Lonely life, but space to breathe.


Ha Heon Jin performed “난 너무 쉽게 사랑에 빠진다네”, “언젠가 만나면 헤어지는 법” and “지난 한 해 + 이제는 함께 할 친구가 생겼다네”: Blues of 21st century Seoul.


Videos have yet to show up on Vimeo or YouTube for either Junggigo or Lim Ji Hoon, but with a bit of luck Naver will let you play those videos straight from the site. Update 2012-04-11: All March On Stage videos are now available on Vimeo and YouTube.

Junggigo performed single tracks “Blind” and “Bye Bye Bye” as well as “Say You Love Me”: Making desire sweeter


Lim Ji Hoon and his band performed “Evil Ways” and “Yekermo Sew” from his first solo album and had people dance to “토요일 밤” which I’m assuming is a Jang Ae Hyang cover: Eerie temptation created by organ.

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