No Brain Cover Kim Chang Nam on Immortal Song 2

As Immortal Song 2 (불후의 명곡2) aired on April 28th No Brain could be found participating on the music show for the third week in a row. This particular episode was dedicated to lyricist Lee Gun Woo and No Brain did their part by doing a country influenced take on Kim Chang Nam‘s best known song “선녀와 나무꾼” from 1994. Aiding them on stage was La Isla Bonita percussionist Jun Ho Young and a member of Blue Ocean, a band mentored by No Brain on the first season on Top Band, played the violin.

Like most other artists on this episode No Brain lost against veteran singer Hong Kyung Min who eventually came out the winner with his performance of DJ DOC‘s “미녀와 야수 (Ok? Ok!)“. When the broadcast of this episode of the show was over all songs performed were released on digital album <불후의 명곡 – 전설을 노래하다> – 작사가 이건우편.

Here is what No Brain looked like on Immortal Song 2 this weekend:

Sources: Immortal Song 2 E48; Bugs Music

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