K-Indie on Gaon’s Digital Chart, 2012.04.08~2012.04.14

Just like on the lasttotal Korean digital chart from Gaon Busker Busker can be found in the top. Though the album is down to position 8 on the album list the songs on it are still doing well. Another band with their entire new album in the upper half of the chart are Nell. Another couple of new songs from the indie realm too could be spotted this week:

1. Busker Busker – “벚꽃 엔딩” (-)
3. Nell – “그리고, 남겨진 것들” (new)
5. Busker Busker – “첫사랑” (-3)
6. Busker Busker – “여수 밤바다” (-3)
10. Busker Busker – “꽃송이가” (-2)
11. Busker Busker – “외로움 증폭장치 (브래드 드럼 한판 쉬기)” (-5)
14. Busker Busker – “이상형” (-7)
16. Busker Busker – “전활 거네” (-5)
17. Busker Busker – “향수” (-4)
18. Busker Busker – “골목길 어귀에서” (-3)
28. Busker Busker – “봄바람” (-10)
33. Nell – “Go” (new)
34. Nell – “The Ending” (new)
35. Busker Busker – “골목길”
36. Nell – “Cliff Parade” (new)
37. Nell – “Standing In The Rain” (new)
40. Nell – “In Days Gone By” (new)
45. Nell – “Slip Away” (new)
51. Nell – “Beautiful Stranger” (new)
52. Nell – “Hopeless Valentine” (new)
72. Standing Egg – “햇살이 아파 “(with SoFly of 3rd Coast) (new)
76. 10cm – “애상” (-10)
139. Yoon Jong Shin – “나른한 이별” (feat. Joe Won Sun) (new)
153. Yozoh – “동경소녀” (feat. Kim Yoon Ju of Oksang Dalbit) (-94)
167. Busker Busker – “동경소녀” (-18)
180. Busker Busker – “서울사람들” (-17)
185. Busker Busker – “정류장” (-19)

Yoon Jong Shin has another of his Monthly Project singles released on April 10th. For this April single we again find Seoul Electric Band‘s Shin Seok ChulMoida Band‘s Choi Hoon and Cho Jung Chi playing the instruments, with Cho Jung Chi also being credited with the arrangement of the song, “나른한 이별”. As so often Yoon Jong Shin has featured a vocalist and this month is Joe Won Sun, who first made herself a name as the vocalist of acid jazz trio Roller Coaster. A music video for “나른한 이별” was created by Offbeat:

Source: Gaon

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