Gogoboys Release First Album and Election Campaign Song

Vintage rock band Gogoboys are set to release their first full-length album Jukebox tomorrow, April 10th. It includes a remix version of “Disco In The Moonlight” going under the title “오늘 밤” as well as new versions of 2011 EP Disco In The Moonlight songs “그런 밤을 알고 있어” and “꿈”. The song “황홀경” previously released on a digital single as part of Soundholic’s Hug concert promotion too has been included on the album.

Not included on the album is new song “오늘은 집 밖으로 나와”. It was released on a digital single on April 4th together with a music video. The song has been written by journalist Shin Moon Su on behalf of the Republic of Korea National Election Commission to encourage citizens to vote in the parliamentary election taking place on April 11th.


Update 5PM: Gogoboys just released the music video for new album lead track “윙크 (Wink)”:

Sources: Hyang Music; Korean rock is real; Bugs Music

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