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There is now another maker of studio live videos: Comus Entertainment’s Playground. Last week came the first set of ‘Playground Live’ videos featuring Eye To Eye, Hanumpa and Lowdown 30. The second set of videos have been uploaded over the last couple of days, featuring NY Mulgoki, Mystery Curtain and Zitten. Setting Playground apart from other studio live video film makers are the hour long episodes from which the live videos are extracted, where the participating bands can be found discussing music together.

The Playground Live performance of Mystery Curtain’s first album track “잠” is embedded below and the rest of the performances can all be found after the jump.

Here is another performance from Mystery Curtain of 2011 single track “겨울의 끝”:


Zitten performed both “고래” and “백야” from last year’s 백야 EP:



NY Mulgoki performed “여기에” and “위난의 바다 (Mare Crisium)” from his latest album:



Moving on to episode 1 we find Eye To Eye covering Destiny’s Child‘s “Stand Up For Love” and singing their own 2011 single track “떨림”:



Hanumpa performed “안개여인의 키스” and “Damage” from their recently released second full-length album:



Finally, Lowdown 30 performed “너의 조각” and “플라스틱에로모듈” from their recently released second full-length album:



For the full episodes visit Playground’s Channel:
Playground 1회 방송 – 아이투아이, 한음파, 로다운30 출연
Playground 2회 방송 – NY물고기, 수상한커튼, 짙은

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