K-Indie on Gaon’s Digital Chart, 2012.03.11~2012.03.17

Although last week offered at least a couple of convincing releases there is no sight of any new indie entries on the latest total Korean digital chart from Gaon. Even Shut Up! Flower Boy Band song “Love U Like U” that made it onto last weeks Billboard K-Pop chart is out of sight. What’s worse is half the songs from last week are out. Here’s hoping things’ll look if only a little better next week.

27. L & Yerim – “Love U Like U” (new)
44. 10cm – “애상” (-12)
55. Skull – “쓰레기” (feat. Oksang Dalbit) (-5)
118. Two Months – “The Romantic” (-34)
136. Noblesse & Acoustic Collabo – “Love Diary” (-53)
184. 10cm – “안아줘요” (-47)
188. Verbal Jint – “좋아보여” (feat. The Black Skirts) (-19)

Update 2012-03-31: Turns out that L & Yerim did make it last week. Must’ve mistyped when searching the page. Sorry!

Source: Gaon

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