Have A Tea Release New EP with Remastered Singles

Four member band Have a Tea released their first EP, Smile, Have a Tea, in June last year but even before then they had gotten some recognition and were included on 10asia’s “나는 인디다” (I Am Indie) list of indie acts that could make a breakthrough following 10cm, compiled after querying and advisory panel with much knowledge of the scene. New EP Have A Tea, 찾아온다 got an offline release on March 15th with the online release following on the 16th. Included are remastered versions of all three songs previously released on digital singles.

Here are Have a Tea performing “찾아온다” a few weeks ago:


From the same event, here are “그럴거야” and “그냥 좋아”:



The remastered tracks on the EP are recordings of “내게 와요”, “너없는 하루” and “Sad Waltz”:

Sources: Hyang Music; maniadb

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