Kim Ji Soo Sing Sunflower for Dream High 2

Singer-songwriter and former Superstar K2 contestant Kim Ji Soo is one of the actors in Dream High 2 (드림하이2). On occasion that mean’s viewers get to see Kim Ji Soo pick up the guitar and sing a bit, starting already with a version of Girls’ Generations‘ “Genie” in episode 1. On March 21st Kim Ji Soo released digital single 해바라기 featuring a song he’s written and performed in the drama.

This is Kim Ji Soo performing the song in an episode of Dream High 2:


End of February Kim Ji Soo was one of three Dream High 2 actors singing the song “B급 인생” for part 6 of the soundtrack. The song was written by JYP and performed in episode 9 of the drama.


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