iPhone Game Axiz Shake Released

Korean mobile game developer dooub launched a new game in their Musician Shake series on March 1st. Having previously released games featuring Girl’s Generation, Super Junior, T-ara, IU, CN Blue and Guckkasten to name a few, now it’s time for Axiz to get their own Axiz Shake. In addition to music to play to the game also contains photos not previously seen elsewhere.

All songs from Axiz’ 날 안아줘 EP are available through the game. “Mr. Zero” and “Circus” come for free with the download whereas “날 안아줘” and “Why Don’t You Give It Up” are available as in-app purchases.

Here’s a video where Axiz interview their own drummer about playing the game (English subtitles available):


Guckkasten Shake was released in January. Having more material to pick from, Gucckasten has a total of nine songs currently available in the game with “꼬리” coming for free and the rest available as in-app purchases. There’s “거울” and “Faust” from their first digital single, “Limbo”, “Vitriol”, “Gavial” and “Sink Hole” from their first full-length album and “붉은 밭” and “매니큐어” from the Tagträume EP.

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