Yeongene Sings “The Sweet Song” for Sugar Cube

Korean indie game Sugar Cube, developed by Turtle Cream, won Best Game at the Independent Game Festival in China 2010. Today, March 1st, the theme song for the commercial version of the game, Sugar Cube : Bittersweet Factory, was released and it has none other than Linus’ Blanket‘s Yeongene providing the vocals.

The game studio people were fans of Yeongene’s music and after making the first version of “The Sweet Song” hoped that she would agree to sing it–and she did. A full soundtrack is on the way, possibly also on CD but for now the theme song single is available on Bandcamp.

With the launch of the single came an animated music video:

If you wish to learn more about the game, The Indie Game Magazine has a very positive review. This trailer shows some actual game play:

Source: Pig-Min

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