Gaon Digital Sales Chart week 9, 2012

Had come down with a pretty bad cold so more rest than blogging during the last few days, but am on the way back now so here’s the latest Korean digital chart from Gaon!

k-indie @ Gaon Digital Chart – March 3, 2012
32. 10cm – 애상 [MV]
67. Noblesse & Acoustic CollaboLove Diary
69. Two MonthsThe Romantic [MV]
74. Standing Eggs – 둘이 아닌가 봐 (with Christina Love Lee) [audio]
76. Annyeongbada – 악마 [MV]
111. Taru – 봄이 왔다 [MV]
126. Soran – 벚꽃이 내린다
131. Park Jiyoon – 나무가 되는 꿈 [MV]
149. Verbal Jint – 좋아보여 (feat. The Black Skirts) [MV]
166. J Rabbit – 인사
184. TaruSummer Day

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