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After several years in the making, long at last‘s first international album Secret Stories Heard From a Girl in an Opium Den got its international release on March 6th. Published by US label Burnt Toast Vinyl the 2xLP album is also available both on CD and online with slightly different tracklists.

Gathering some of’s best songs throughout the years, the album opens with 2–more than ten year’s later perhaps still’s most popular song, originally included on the soundtrack for Take Care of My Cat (고양이를 부탁해). Having always been one of the most interesting entities in Korea’s indie scene the album offers a great variety in styles. Learn more about the album from the album info.

eMusic called the album genius and put ‘HIGHLY RECOMMENDED’ at the end of their brief review of the album. MTV Iggy too reviewed the album last week: Electronic Blues by a Seoul Art Collective.

One song of the album is “Pacific (태평양)”, title track from 2010’s 2CD album:


Also included is a recording of “Blue Bulb Light (푸른 전구빛)”, a live recording of which was first released on 2003 single 83.


Explore the official site for plenty more of both video and sound with a bit of art on top.

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