Shinchireem Set to Bring 70’s, 80’s, 90’s Feeling

As expected, trio Shinchireem released their first digital single 모르는 번호 yesterday, February 3rd. Named after the members the trio comprises well-established song writer and I Am A Singer host Yoon Jong Shin, guitarist Cho Jung Chi and multi-instrumentalist Hareem. Nowadays Hareem is most frequently heard playing one or a few instruments for other artists, but with “모르는 번호” his vocals can again be heard.

With the single out, next up is album Episode 01 – 旅行 with the release date remaining at February 7th. The tone of the album is supposed to bring a 70’s/80’s/90’s feeling, some of which is achieved through Hareem’s Hammond organ play.

Offbeat has created a music video for “모르는 번호”:


Since we posted the first teaser for this project, five more have showed up:

Teasers #2 & #3, the latter introducing album song “출발”:



Teasers #4 & #5:



Teaser #6, introducing album song “마지막 노래”:


Sources: Bugs Music; Hyang Music

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