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Following Yoon Jong Shin and Cho Jung Chi‘s project Shinchi the two have since joined forced with multi-instrumentalist Hareem extending the name to Shinchireem. The first song from the trio, “모른는번호”, will be revealed on February 3rd with album “여행” following on February 7th. The first teaser was published today.

The trio worked together under the same name already for Yoon Jong Shin’s monthly project for September 2011, with Cho Jung Chi playing the guitar and Hareem playing the accordion while Kim Greem sung “니 생각”:


With Shinchi Yoon Jong Shin and Cho Jung Chi worked as producers and arranged music–for Super Junior‘s “Good Friends” as well as Yoon Jong Shin’s June 2011 monthly project song “말꼬리” featuring Jung Joon Il:


Source: Yoon Jong Shin’s Twitter; maniadb

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