Hyang Music’s Album Sales Chart, Second Week of January 2012

It appears there were not many changes in album sales at Hyang Music between the first and second weeks of January. The top looks pretty much the same, with Siwa just falling out of the top 10 in favor of French act M83.

1. Lucid Fall아름다운 날들 (-)
2. Idiotape11111101 (+1)
3. IULast Fantasy (-1)
4. Zitten백야 (-)
5. Apollo 18The Black Album (-)
6. Lim Ji HoonOrgan Orgasm (+1)
7. M83 – Hurry Up We’re Dreaming (+4)
8 Dynamic DuoDigilog 2/2 (+1)
9. Number NineTV를 끄면 좋겠어 (-3)
10. Kim Mokin음악가 자신의 노래 (-)

Although the very top of Hyang Music’s Album Chart did not offer much in terms of changes, there were a few new entries lower down on the chart:

18. Lee Young Hoon내가 부른 그림
33. Black BagBeyond The Sky
69. InmayGrin Without Reason


Grin Without Reason is the second full-length album from singer/songwriter Inmay, released on January 11th. His first album, Long Island Ice Tea, came out in June 2011 and already in August he followed up with the EP Old Little Spaceship. Inmay’s YouTube channel offers plenty of samples from his previous works, but so far only a teaser for the new album:


Sources: Hyang Music; maniadb

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