Saintbinary Remixes “언젠가는” for Lee Sang Eun

Lee Sang Eun has a long career behind her, starting out with a career in K-pop before taking on the moniker Lee-tzsche and experimenting with her pop sound. Her fourteenth full-length album came out in 2010 and on February 22nd she follows up last year’s digital single Bliss with new digital single 안녕, 좋은 하루.

The single comes with both an original version and a radio edit of the song with the same name, and also includes a “Sparkling T Mix” from electronica producer Saintbinary of one of her biggest hits–“언젠가는”, the title track of her fifth full-length album released back in 1993.

Here is the original “언젠가는” music video:

Source: Bugs Music

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